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we are not neutral we are on the side of victims .. until achieve justice

SAM Calls on the Security Council to Protect Civilians after Houthis Decision to Bury Dozens of Bodies Collectively

Geneva - SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties issued an urgent appeal to the Security Council, the United Nations, and all international bodies, to act

Economic Crises and Deteriorating Humanitarian Conditions are the First Challenges for the New Yemeni Government

  SAM organization followed up on the Yemeni presidency announcement of the new cabinet formation that included representatives of the "Southern Transitional Council" as part of
SAM Considered it a Deliberate War Crime
Houthi Sniper Ends the Education Career for Amr

SAM Organization condemned the killing of Amr Omar Abdul-Malik Saleh, 15, on the morning of December 26, 2020, in the market of Jawalat Erim -

Houthis Killed Khetam Al-Oshari and they are Confident of Impunity

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties condemned the murder of 25-year-old Yemeni citizen Khetam Ali Abdul Karim al-Oshari in her home and among her children, after

SAM: Bombing of the Al-Ahly Club in Taiz is a War Crime

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties considers the bombing of Al-Ahly club premises, in Al-Jahmaliya, in the center of Taiz city, today, Saturday, December 12,
On International Human Rights Day
SAM: There is no way to stop human rights violations in Yemen except by activating the principle of accountability

 10.12.2020 Sam Organization for Rights and Freedoms said that six years of war have put millions of Yemenis in a circle of certain death. So far,

Houthi Militia’s Bombing of Civilians in Hodeidah is a War Crime that Deserves Accountability

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties condemned the killing of nine civilians in the city of Hodeidah, yesterday, Thursday, December 3, 2020, as a result

Bombing Civilians in Taiz is a War Crime Requires Action by the International Community

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties said that the Houthi militia’s continued targeting of populated areas in Taiz city, which causes heavy civilian casualties, constitutes

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties Condemns Deliberate Targeting of Civilians by the Houthi Militia in Hodiedah

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties said that life in Hodiedah governorate is under threat by the Houthi weapon, which targets part of the city's
On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women
The war has doubled the suffering of Yemeni women and added more severe forms of violence against them

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties said that Yemeni women suffer from gross abuses and violations and that the war has come to multiply their

SAM Publishes a Summary of Violations of the Rights of Children in Yemen; the Outcome of Five Years of Conflict

The Geneva-based SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties said that World Children's Day comes and the children of Yemen are living in horrific hell, as the policies of the warring
Called to Include Yemeni Detainees at the Southern Border in Upcoming Negotiations
SAM: Detainees of the Southern Border are Neglected by Saudi Arabia, the Legitimate Government, and the Houthis Compound the Suffering of their Families

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties said, on November 17, 2020, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the legitimate government and the Houthi militia are
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