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Asmaa al-Amisi. Death sentence

Asmaa al-Amisi. Death sentence  A 22-year-old mother of two has been detained in Sana'a political security prison since October 2016. The judiciary under houthi militia sentenced her

Sexual exploitation

"H-A" says in her testimony that one of her friends urged her to sit with one of the Houthi supervisors, he is a good and
Fawzia Ahmed Al Mahwiti
The psychological torture they practice against female prisoners is unimaginable

Fawzia Ahmed Al Mahwiti “Fawzia Al Mahwiti,” who served as former prison chief for many years, said that "after the Houthi forces staged a coup against
Pardis Siyagi
I sat in solitary confinement for two months and a week after which my health deteriorated as a matter of torture

Pardis Siyagi "My house was stormed in Al-Sunainah, Ma'in District, on charges of storing weapons, which prompted me to file a lawsuit against the Al-Sunainah Department
Samira Abdullah Al-Houri
I found myself in the criminal search building in front of officers from the anti-terrorism and national security

Samira Abdullah Al-Houri Head of the charity "White Hands" team. She says: "I was recently exposed to pressures and blackmail documented by the Houthi group, as I
Nidal Muthanna Mahdi Al-Taher
I was the only pregnant woman among the arrested women

“Nidal” (24 years old) was arrested on 18/8/2019 from her house in the “Naqum” area by the criminal investigation officers. Inside the house were children
Sonia Saleh Ali Al-Ghabash
I was subjected to severe torture, where they removed my nails

A human rights activist and head of the "despite the difficulties" ... "Sonia" escaped from Yemen to Cairo in Egypt after her exit from a

Life in detention

Fatima says: "Many girls, especially those who are transferred from criminal investigation, are placed on the ground without mattresses, next to each other, so that

Suad and The Houthi Repression

Suad, who spent her detention in a Houthi prison, said: “I was with a large number of kidnapped women, some of them were taken from
Khaleda Alasbahi in her pentagonism
narrates scenes of Houthi torture of her and other women in secret prisons in Sanaa

Khaleda Al-Asbahi "Khaleda Al-Asbahi" in her pentagonism, narrates scenes of Houthi torture of her and other women in secret prisons in Sanaa The kidnapped "Khaleda Muhammad Al-Asbahi",