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SAM Condemns Houthi’s Seizure of Opponents Assets


SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, has denounced Houthis militia seizure of the assets and private properties of 1142 people, including education institutions, Quran Centre, University of Science and Technology, Al-Saleh Charity, commercial and partisan institutions belong to Islah party. Houthis crimes come under the pretext of “seizing Traitors’ Assets”.     

SAM confirmed that misuse of judiciary by Houthis for political revenge against their adversaries, by confiscating their assets and displacing their families, is condemned act and relevant rules issued by the Houthis-controlled judiciary, has no legitimacy, also such verdicts are considered null and void, noting that they’ve been issued by penal court which has been invalidated by the Supreme Judiciary Council, so is the instructions issued  by the so-called Political Council, and the Commission of Inventory and Receiving Traitors’ Assets. Such acts are considered crimes punishable by the law.     

SAM has documented court guardianship by Houthis militia on 28 houses in Sana’a, and looting of 128 others, belongs to political and partisan figures, mainly loyal to Islah part and Peoples General Congress. 

SAM also documented different attacks by Houthis militia on 37 houses, belongs to MPs loyal to the legitimate president Hadi, who fled the capital fearing arrest. Last month SAM has also documented Houthis’ militia threat to the Islah political leader Muhammed Qahtan family, to evacuate the house at Al-Nahda neighbourhood, within three days. Qahtan is a renowned politician abducted by Houthis militia in April 2015 and is still under enforced disappearance.

On the same month, Houthis militia besieged Abbas Al-Nahari, MP, from Islah party, in Sana’a, and ordered the tenants to evacuate the house within three days and threaten to use force if they refused to respond. Several party leaders, whose houses were looted or seized, including chief of the party Muhammed Al-Yadumi, secretary-general Abdulwahab Al-Anesi, and assistant secretary-general Shiekhan Al-Dubai, in addition to several ministers; including former foreign minister Abdulmalik Al-Mekhlafi, brigadier Rashad Al-Alemi, minister of education Abdullah Lamlas, Dr. Muhammed Al-Ameri, chair offal-Rashad party and president advisor and many others.    

In September 2018, Houthis militia raided and looted Yassin Saeed Numan house, Yemeni ambassador to the UK and former speaker, and secretary-general of the Yemeni Social Party. Numan published pictures show Houthis raid and looting of his house furniture and belongings.

Houthis tend to loot and seize and/or detonate its political adversaries’ houses, since its coup on 21 September 2014, as revenge and intimidation policy. Also, detonated mosques, and Quran teaching centres, and houses, including a house of Abdulaziz Jubari, minister of civil service, MP and leading member of Justice and Construction party, and freezing his bank accounts, as well as houses of other political, security and military figures.

SAM also documented looting of 138 houses by Houthis, including Nobel Laureate Tawakkol Karman house, late 2015, director of Al-Jazeera office in Yemen, Saeed Thabet, lawyer Faisal Al-Majedi, and former mister of Higher Education Dr Abdulrazeq Al-Ashwal houses.

On 29th December 2015, Houthis militia looted and destroyed the belongings of Insaf Mayo, MP of Islah party during their control over Aden city. 

SAM reviewed a document issued by Houthis Political Council in Sana’a, in August 2018, No. 353, instructing the Inventory Commission to confiscate the assets of the “traitor” Fathi Tawfeq. “traitor” term is used by Houthis to justify assets seizure.    

Houthis misuse state institutions; judiciary and banks to execute provisional seizure on their adversaries, where on 12 December 2017, issued a circulation ordering all banks to execute provisional seizure on a list of 1223 persons, among the political parties and leaders and military personnel loyal to the legitimate government and president, in addition to societies and businesses belongs to these figures. The central bank has confirmed seizure of the bank accounts of the 1223 persons.   

Houthis militia practices seriously harm civilians, mainly women and children, and exacerbate the humanitarian sufferings, in addition, undermines the peace talks, that requires expression of good intention by all parties.    

SAM organization called upon the international community and the UN Special Envoy to interfere immediately to ban Houthis militia from confiscating the adversaries’ assets, which are protected by the Yemeni constitution and international treaties, either in Sana’a or other governorates under Houthis control.     

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, Geneva


9 February 2019