SAM Calls to Save Yemeni Journalists from Possible Death Sentences by Houthis Group SAM
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SAM Calls to Save Yemeni Journalists from Possible Death Sentences by Houthis Group


SAM Organization is deeply concerned for the fate of ten Yemeni journalists detained in the prisons of Houthis militia in Sana'a, since 2015, who were subjected to various forms of human rights violations.  The illegal Criminal Court in Sana'a held the first hearing today, Monday, December 9, 2019, without informing their lawyers, and read the indictment in the absence of their lawyer.

When attorney Abdelmajeed Sabra came to follow up on another case, he was surprised to hold this session and facing them with what the prosecution claimed to be a list of proofs.  The judge rejected the request of recusal and refused to record the request made by the lawyer, which is a violation of the rules of justice; the opponents' right to record the proceedings of the session, without bias despite the fact that the justified request was submitted in accordance with the legal rules.

The lawyer said that he asked for the judge's response "in view of his prejudice to the defendants, as he was endorsing the prosecution's claims and describing the defendants as enemies of the people, but the judge refused to record the request, so we had to request copies of the case file."

This session comes after faltering negotiations led by local mediators between the legitimate authority and the Houthis militia to exchange the ten detainees for ten Houthis militants that the Houthis require to release, while the legitimate government acknowledged that there are only two of the ten names, and we believe that expediting the trial of journalists is intended to abuse them and use them for political extortion.

The organization said that Houthis group anticipated celebration of the International Day for Human Rights, which falls today, confirming its disregard for human rights and its lack of respect for the human dignity enshrined in international conventions, ensured by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the two International Covenants on Political and Economic Rights.

SAM Organization confirmed that Houthis militia detained the ten journalists from Sana'a in 2015 and during the past four years they were brutally treated causing them chronic illnesses, and were subjected to repeated beatings, the most recent by the Political Security Organization officer called Yahya Sari who beat them in prison last month.

SAM organization calls for the Houthis militia to stop abusing the ten journalists, and to release them immediately and unconditionally, also it calls on both the Red Cross office in Yemen and the office of the UN envoy, organizations working in the field of defending media freedoms and the safety of journalists, headed by Reporters Without Borders and the Frontline to work seriously to liberate these long-suffering journalists, who were exposed to multiple abuses in the prisons of Houthis militia.

SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties 
Geneva, 10 December 2019