Beirut Port Explosion is an Assault on the Right to Life SAM
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Beirut Port Explosion is an Assault on the Right to Life


SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties said today, Wednesday, 5 August 2020, that the devastating explosion that took place at Beirut Port yesterday 4 August 2020 is classified as an attack on the basic principle of the right to life, and that the Lebanese authorities have a duty to reveal the reasons and the truth about this explosion, and bringing those responsible to justice.
According to statements by Lebanese government officials, the devastating explosion was caused by highly explosive materials, which were said to have been confiscated years ago, and were stored at warehouse No. 12 in the port of Beirut, and caused severe damage reaching a range of about 23 km, resulted in the death of dozens of civilians and wounded thousands others.
SAM emphasized that this terrible explosion, whatever its causes, is one of the consequences of the state’s weakness, the multiple sources of political decision, and competing state’s struggle to monopolize possession of weapons, and that the time has come for Lebanon to return to a state for all Lebanese with all their spectrums, and disarm the militias to ensure everyone’s right to participate On power and wealth on the foundations of peaceful competition, and fold the page of sectarian quotas.
SAM paid tribute to the victims of the tragic explosion and wished for recovery for the wounded, calling on all countries of the world and relief organizations to provide the necessary assistance to Lebanon in order to overcome this disaster.