Houthis Militia Must Refrain from Manipulating Judiciary to Avenge Adversary SAM
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Surprised for Resuming Bahai Trial after being Deported
Houthis Militia Must Refrain from Manipulating Judiciary to Avenge Adversary


SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties called on the Houthis militia to refrain from manipulating judiciary to avenge people of different belief that Houthis, among the Baha'i Faith followers and all political opponents.
In a statement issued today, Thursday, August 27, 2020, SAM said that the Houthis militia should stop spreading hatred and discrimination against its opponents in the targeted community which is affected by its propaganda rhetoric.
SAM expressed surprise for Houthis manipulation to the judiciary in their areas of control, as a new session was held to try the Baha'is who were released on July 30, under mediation by the United Nations and they were deported, by a UN plane, out of the country as a condition for their release in a flagrant violation of their right to choose their place of residence, which is guaranteed by international conventions, yet the court held a new session to try them, and despite the fact that the process of releasing them and deport them was openly and reported by all the media, the judge ignored all this and asked the public prosecutor why they were absent from attending the session!
SAM said that she was surprised that the Houthis-run court continued to try the deported Baha'is and urging the prosecution to summon them, through their guarantors to 12th September session.
The Organization emphasized that this process is nothing but abuse in the name of law against the right of Yemeni citizens, but rather an exaggeration in abuse to include their acquaintances who sympathize with them and provide them with guarantees, although they were not released according to these guarantees provided, but under the mediation of the UN envoy’s office.
The organization indicated that there is no relationship between the guarantees provided and the deportation of the Baha'is from the country. Rather, these guarantees are invalid because they did not have an effect and did not fulfill their purpose, which is the release of the suspects. Furthermore, the prosecution and the court ignored these guarantees provided by their relatives, emphasizing that the arrest, trial and release were all conducted under political instruction, and the court and the prosecution has no role whatsoever.
Within this context, SAM call to put an end to these mock trials against Baha'is, an end to the abuse of Baha'is and all opponents of the Houthis group, and the return of all their property and money seized by the prosecution.