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Condemned the Resurgence of the Violations in Aden
The Transitional Council in Aden should Release Dr. Al-Qubati and all the Detainees Immediately


SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties said that it is concerned about the escalation of violations in the city of Aden, which is under the control of the Transitional Council supported by the United Arab Emirates. The organization stresses that the human rights situation, during the past three months - June, July and August - deteriorated alarmingly, and violations increased significantly.

SAM monitored more than 120 violations in the city controlled by the Transitional Council, varied between arbitrary detention of more than 50 civilians, including Salafi youths and leaders, the death of Hussein Marwan Al-Arashi, 20 years, under torture in a prison in Aden, in addition to assassinations, and displacement on regional basis for people belonging to the northern governorates.

SAM Organization called on the de facto authorities in Aden, the Transitional Council, to immediately release Dr. Taher Abdullah Abdul Jabbar Al-Qubati, 47, who was arrested at Al-Alam checkpoint, eastern entrance to the interim capital Aden, by the Transitional Council forces on Monday morning, July 20, 2020, while he was returning from the city of Seiyun, Hadramout.

Arbitrary detention

Taher Abdullah Al-Qubati, an academic who holds a doctorate degree in analytical chemistry with distinction, on the “Environmental Situation of Heavy Elements and their Impact on Humans in Aden”, is an assistant professor of analytical chemistry, a member of the teaching staff in Sabir College, and head of the scientific department of the chemistry department there.

His wife, Fawzia, who was arrested with him for hours and subjected to interrogation by the STC’s gunmen, says: “When we arrived at the al-Alam checkpoint, one of the soldiers at al-Alam, named Khaled, asked to stop the car for inspection. The doctor stopped his car, so the gunmen searched it, and then they searched the doctor’s personal bag. Mobile phones and laptop, files and documents. The gunman said: “This is human rights file. You work as a journalist?” The doctor replied, “No, I am a doctor at the university, the gunman said; “You are a journalist and you work against us.”

According to Fawzia, the gunman called a policewoman to take her phone mobile phones and search them, and she took them all, and took Fawzia to the inspection room. She added: “They asked me where you came from?” I answered: We were in Seiyun. She searched me personally and searched my bag”, Fawzia indicated that she waited for about an hour, then Khaled came and told her to call one of her relatives to take her. Fawzia said: “I told him and my husband what about him?! He replied; “We will investigate him and release him."

Fawzia, called her uncle, and before leaving, she asked for Khaled's mobile number to communicate with him and check on her husband. The officer did not allow her to return to the doctor's car. They seized the car and the bag. When she got home, she called the number Khaled gave her, but he did not respond.

Raid and humiliation against Dr. al-Qubati kinship

On July 21, the second day of Dr. Al-Qubati's arrest, forces affiliated with the Transitional Council raided the doctor’s home in Aden, to forcibly arrest his wife, Fawzia, but they did not find her, so they abducted three students of his relatives who were staying at the house, and also abducted Sadiq Khalil, and others, in Al-Luhm and Assila neighborhoods, only for being relatives of Dr. Al-Qubati.

Eyewitnesses said to SAM: “They took the doctor’s relatives outside the house, after handcuffed and blindfolded them. They ordered them to lie on the ground, until shortly before the dawn prayer, and at this time the soldiers were tampering with the contents of the house and carrying them on the patrol vehicles, including sacs that contained plumbing materials. Fawzia quotes the details according to the only detainee who was released, “before the 3 vehicles leave, two others came and stationed next to the house for two days, after which the STC militants left Al-Qubati house and took with them a Corolla car that was in the yard, the second car of Dr. Al-Qubati that they confiscated in addition to the previous car that they seized with him in Al-Alam checkpoint, and after that, they raided on the homes of some friends and relatives, and tampering with the money, documents, furniture and cars they contained.

Looting homes and properties

Witnesses, reported that the arbitrary detention and enforced disappearances of individuals related to Dr. Al-Qubati did not stop, as a force belonging to Awsan Al-Anshali raided the house of Mahmoud Al-Qadi and abducted his son Idris, an employee at the University of Science and Technology in Aden, and confiscated documents, money and phones, also looted Mahmoud Al-Qadi's car and his son Idris's car.

Witnesses confirmed that the STC gunmen, and on the same night, broke into the apartment of Shukri Abd al-Rab, in Asslah area, Dar Saad, breaking the doors and looting various items, as no one was at home.

The next day; A force commended by Awsan al-Anshali brought Idris, the son of Mahmoud al-Qadi, back to show them the other house of his father. The gunmen stormed this house as well, and abducted his other son Abu Bakr “as a hostage until his father comes”, and according to the statements of witnesses, the STC’s gunmen looted documents, three computers, flash drives, money and other items. They also threatened Mahmoud’s wife and told her that they would bring him dead or alive, and that they would work on liquidating "Dahabsha", which is a discriminatory racist description against those from the northern governorates, raises regional feuds., and they asked her: Why did you marry a Dihbashi?

Al-Zubair, “a pseudonym” said, "that the arrest of al-Qubati, the raiding of his house, and the confiscation of his car on false charges such as espionage with foreign countries and plotting a coup in the city of Aden came on regional grounds. He added that what happened to Dr. Al-Qubati "sends a message that the STC authorities violate the rights of it opposes”, stressing that the detention of al-Qubati comes in a general context of violations that the authorities of the Transitional Council are practicing against every critic of their policy, whether from Aden or from other regions.

Resurgence of Violations

SAM confirmed that the assassinations, arbitrary detention and torture to death resurged to Aden, as the city witnessed the assassination of the social figure Awad Fad’ak on August 30, 2020, by unknown persons, and on September 8, 2020, the former leader of the southern resistance, Khaled Mamoun, was assassinated within days of his release from detention centers of the Transitional Council, during which he was severely tortured, and in July 2020, Hussein Marwan Al-Arashi, 20, died under torture in a prison in Aden, after his arrest by an armed force affiliated with the Transitional Council, also, Abdel Fattah al-Rubaie’ has been detained since 6 June 2020 in the STC prison due to his participation in demonstrations protesting the deteriorated services and living conditions in Aden. On August 25, 2020, the Firdous Hussein Al-Dhalai, employee of the Yemeni Ministry of Foreign Affairs, disappeared from a hotel in Aden, and remained forcibly disappeared for two weeks.

SAM organization calls on all parties to respect the humanitarian charters, and stresses that the United Arab Emirates-backed Transitional Council should respect international human rights law, including Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which Yemen has ratified, which states that: “Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention. No one shall be deprived of his liberty except on such grounds and in accordance with such procedure as are established by law.” “Anyone who is arrested shall be informed, at the time of arrest, of the reasons for his arrest and shall be promptly informed of any charges against him.”

The law states: “everyone arrested or detained on a criminal charge shall promptly be presented to a judge or a legally authorized official to exercise judicial functions, and he shall be entitled to be tried within a reasonable period or to be released.” Regarding illegal detention, the law emphasis that: "Every person who has been the victim of an illegal arrest or detention has the right to compensation."

SAM stresses that the Transitional Council authorities must release Dr. Al-Qubati and all other detainees, return the looted property, and compensate for the damages that resulted from the raids.