Economic Crises and Deteriorating Humanitarian Conditions are the First Challenges for the New Yemeni Government SAM
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Economic Crises and Deteriorating Humanitarian Conditions are the First Challenges for the New Yemeni Government



SAM organization followed up on the Yemeni presidency announcement of the new cabinet formation that included representatives of the "Southern Transitional Council" as part of an agreement to end a conflict between the army of the internationally recognized government and forces affiliated with the Transitional Council. SAM pointed out to the statement issued by the office of President Hadi which revealed that the president Hadi has re-assigned Moein Abdel-Malek to head the cabinet, which includes 24 ministers, noting that President Hadi has kept his closest allies in the main portfolios, including defense, interiors, foreign affairs and finance.

In this report, SAM sheds light on the interconnected factors that deteriorated the economic situation, including Houthi practices, in addition to the role of the Arab coalition, which had an impact on several axes, first of which is the violations that the coalition forces commit against civilians, on livelihood, humanitarian and economic issues, including controlling of ports and airports and depriving Yemenis and the economy of financial revenues. In addition to highlighting the negative role of the Yemeni government, and failure to benefit from the potentials of the Yemeni economy, where the former Yemeni government stood idly and even colluded with the influential and politicians who stole Yemen's resources and funds instead of holding them accountable and taking real measures to advance the Yemeni economy and protect the national currency.

SAM asserts that the stifling economic crisis that Yemen is currently going through and the suffering of the people are the first challenges and priorities in the government agenda, noting that Yemen is on the verge of a comprehensive economic collapse that will affect all walks of life, unless urgent remedies took place. Urging the new government to take all measures that would protect the Yemeni economy from collapse and to develop well thought out plans to start the process of economic and political reform.

SAM stressed that the current situation requires rapid and efficient action, amidst international warnings of looming famine, expansion of poverty, and the inability of families to provide for the minimum requirements of decent life, with the increase in commodities price. Which render the government unable to provide basic economic rights as provided by the international and regional treaties and agreements, such as the right to education, the right to housing, the right to an adequate standard of living, the right to health care, and the right to science and culture

SAM concluded its report with a set of recommended measures for the new Yemeni government to follow, which will restore economic stability to Yemen by strengthening Yemen's financial resources and controlling its expenditures, and will have a significant impact on a comprehensive renaissance that benefits all citizens at all levels.

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