SAM Warns the Houthi Militia of any Reprisals against Activists SAM
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After Receiving Messages from so-called Military Intelligence
SAM Warns the Houthi Militia of any Reprisals against Activists


SAM for Rights and Liberties has followed with great concern the launch by the Houthi militia in Yemen of a massive campaign of contacts of activists and journalists inside and outside Yemen, which implies threats in case they do not respond to its call to return to its areas of control.

According to identical testimonies from journalists and human rights activists, they received messages via WhatsApp from the Contact and Communication Centre of the so-called Houthi Rebel Military Intelligence Service, calling them to coordinate with their affiliates in order to return to their areas of control, and to abandon what they called "standing by the attackers and the invaders."

A journalist released from Houthi militia prisons recalled that the Houthis "have asked families in Sana'a to contact their relatives outside their areas of control or outside Yemen to return and use the opportunity before taking action against them."

SAM said that among the persons who received the messages referred to were Tawfiq al-Hamidi, head of SAM in Austria, journalist and human rights activist Mohammad Al  Ahmadi in Turkey, and others in Saudi Arabia and other countries. These messages were sent using international numbers.

SAM appeals to all international actors, primarily the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and governments, to shoulder their responsibilities with regard to the worrying situation of journalists and human rights defenders, in particular, those forced to take refuge outside Yemen to escape Houthi violence and reprisals against human rights defenders, and warns Al Houthi militia of any reprisals against anti - Houthi activists and journalists.

SAM cautions against the international silence over the repression and abuse of journalists, activists and peaceful opponents committed by various parties to the armed conflict in Yemen. It specially refers to the Houthi group, which does not hesitate to use State institutions and following the coup d'état of 21 September 2014, took control of the country, including the justice system and law enforcement institutions, as instruments of war and as various forms of retaliation against journalists, human rights defenders and opponents.