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we are not neutral we are on the side of victims .. until achieve justice
Lamar Initiative for Supporting Yemeni Refugees Worldwide in partnership 13 Other Human Rights Organizations Condemn the Harsh Treatment Faced by the deported Yemeni Refugee in Mexico


A joint statement issued 27 June 2021 by the press conference organised by: Lamar Initiative for Supporting Yemeni Refugees Worldwide in partnership with SAM for Rights and Liberties, Qarar for Media and Sustainable Development, Electronic Organisations for Humanitarian Media, Wojood Initiative for Refugees, Media Network for Peace and Security, Wojood Community Initiative for Refugees, Autad for Compacting Corruption, The Commission for Development and Rights, Deserve Life Initiative, Cultural Media Center CMC, The American Center for Justice (ACJ), Basmat Amal Initiative, and Humanitarian Association for Rights in Switzerland.


  • All the above organisations condemn the harsh treatment that the deported Yemeni refugees face who was deported from Mexico to Istanbul Airport. And puts all responsibility on the Mexican authorities for the inhuman treatment that The Yemeni Refugees faced there and for the danger that could threaten their lives as a result of their deportation especially if deported to Yemen.
  • We call the United Nations Commission on Refugees in Geneva, the Commission office in Turkey, and all its partners organisations to intervene in protecting the deported Yemeni refugees held in Istanbul Airport. We call these organisations as well to take their responsibilities in resettling these vulnerable refugees to a country where their full rights will be granted based on international agreements and protocols.
  • We send an urgent call and call the International Red Cross organisation to intervene and visit the held refugees in Istanbul Airport and provide them with decent food, medicines, in addition to supporting them with physical and health treatment in their detention, because they faced extreme mental and physical stresses during the harsh flights between many airports and countries.
  • We call on humanitarian and civil society organisations concerned with freedom of speech and all local and international media to stand in solidarity with the detained refugees and continue the pressures to help them get resettled as refugees.
  • We call the Turkish authorities to make a humanitarian intervention to support the Yemeni refugees held in Istanbul Airport through granting them visas to enter Turkey, in addition to treating them as refugees or sending them back to Mexico to prevent their deportation to Yemen, since they are fleeing war and prosecution which puts them under extreme danger in deported back to Yemen.