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SAM Condemns Assassination of Al-Jazeera Correspondent “Shireen Abu Aqleh” by Israeli Forces and Calls for Forming Urgent investigative committee to Bring Perpetrators to Justice


Geneva - SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties expressed its strong condemnation and denunciation of the Israeli army's assassination of journalist "Shireen Abu Aqleh" and injuring another colleague in Jenin refugee camp, in the northern West Bank.

"SAM" said in a statement today, Wednesday, that the Israeli army this morning targeted the journalist and correspondent of Al-Jazeera channel Shireen Abu Aqleh (51 years), directly in the neck, which killed her instantly. They also targeted her colleague Ali Samoudi with a live bullet in the back.

The human rights organization pointed out that initial data showed that the attack happened early on Wednesday morning, corresponding to May 11, during the journalists’ coverage of the large-scale storming of Jenin and its refugee camp in the northern West Bank.

"SAM" indicated that the initial data and eyewitness accounts showed that an Israeli sniper targeted "Abu Aqleh" in the head, even though she was wearing the protective vest on which the word (press) is written in both Arabic and English.

The international organization stresses that this attack is an extension of the systematic Israeli policy of targeting and killing reporters of truth and its eyes among the journalists working in Palestine.

The human rights organization also pointed out that the crimes of killing journalists, and attempts against their personal safety, whether through shooting or threats of various kinds, come under Israel's attempt to muzzle and suppress freedom of media work, in an effort to obscure and conceal the truth from the world, stressing that these practices reflect serious and grave violations of the rules of international law that guarantee the protection and immunity of journalists on the ground.

The organization concluded its statement by calling on the international community, especially the international bodies, to act effectively, show a real position towards this crime, start a comprehensive investigation into the Israeli army's practices against journalists and media professionals, and work to bring those involved in these crimes to criminal justice.