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we are not neutral we are on the side of victims .. until achieve justice
Calling what happened a war crime
Twelve children were injured in the city of Taiz by a mortar shell fired from the Houthi groups control area


SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties said that twelve children were injured in the besieged city of Taiz, as an artillery shell fell on the house of the citizen "Mahyoub Murshed" in the Zaid Al-Mushki neighborhood, at 5:00 pm, Saturday July 23. According to eyewitnesses, the shell was launched by the Houthi group stationed in The Kalaba, the Al-Arbaeen area where the injured children were playing next to the targeted house, stressing that such attacks constitute a flagrant violation of the covenants and rules of international law as they pose a grave danger to the lives of civilians and individuals.

"SAM" emphasizes that targeting civilian objects violates the Hague rules and the Geneva Conventions, which stipulate that the principle of distinction between civilian objects and military objectives must be achieved, in addition to the importance of achieving the principle of military necessity and proportionality between a military attack and its results, stressing that such a crime is a war crime that requires criminal international accountability.