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Suad and The Houthi Repression


Suad, who spent her detention in a Houthi prison, said: “I was with a large number of kidnapped women, some of them were taken from the streets and others were lured by phone to receive a food basket, and some of them were abducted from their homes after breaking into their homes and looting all their belongings, and others were taken to detentions from public parks, restaurants and cafes." "The period of detention ranges from nine months to a year or more," she said, adding that "the eyes of the abducted women are covered by the Zinnabites band before they are taken to villas in Sana'a, and the villas were called "headquarters." In the headquarters, large numbers of kidnappers were collected in the basement of the villa. Where the kidnapped women are subjected to systematic torture of various sorts, and they are not allowed to go to the bathroom. They were also summoned in the middle of the night for investigation. They were also tortured in deserted places, where two people used electric devices with them, and their hands were tied with ropes, their mouths were closed with a rope pulled up after spraying water on them.


Ready Classification and charges

The detainees are classified as: Search Girls, Headquarters Girls, Sana'a Network Girls. These women have been detained for nearly a year, and the charges of prostitution and hashish were fabricated after the change of prison officials with about 15 female workers in the "Zeinbayat" group. The charges against women range from communication with aggression, theft, issues involving morality, and the case of large networks working for an external agenda to split the inner row.


Systematic torture

The Houthis use cruel and hideous methods of torture that reflect a sadistic psyche against women without differentiation. Fatima says: "Methods of torture are different and harsh, from preventing sun exposure and continuous confinement, to preventing the use of toilets. In addition to interrogating them one by one after midnight to investigate them while they are tied up and on their right and left sides are two people who electrocute them with electric shocks from both sides, and a third person comes at the same time to hit them with sticks and batons, in addition to spraying water on them, other than the psychological torture that happened to them, such as intimidating them and threatening them with death, and telling them that they will not see the light, and that they are held indefinitely, and no one can find them. "

Rahma says: "The number of female prisoners in cells reached nearly 200 before last Ramadan. Before their arrival, the female prisoners were in the central prison in a place called The Headquarters. And before that they were in the criminal investigation, where they were tortured there at the hands of Zinnabites with all cruelty and violence, and the methods of torture vary from beating with sticks and braided wires, using electricity, and restraining prisoners hanging on their fingers until they lose consciousness.