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Life in detention


Fatima says: "Many girls, especially those who are transferred from criminal investigation, are placed on the ground without mattresses, next to each other, so that there is no place even for a pass between them of overcrowding, and because of the lack of clothes everyone wears each other’s clothes, therefor skin diseases and stomach diseases are transmitted because the bathrooms are not clean, the lack of soap, the lack of sun or adequate ventilation sources.

She added, "All means of communication with the outside world are prohibited from the general women's section, and they have five minutes every two weeks to contact the family. The call and the information of the person the prisoner calls are recorded."

One detainee stated that "the food in the prison is very bad, it is lentils or beans at breakfast, but at dinner it is beans or lentils without any spices, as they put dyes in order to change the color of the food, but for lunch it is white rice, where 20 kilos of rice are cooked on half an onion and a little oil, salt and dye."

She adds: "While eating we are distributed in groups, food is often not enough, few of us can eat, many of the prisoners suffer from stomach germ and kidney and liver stones, children are malnourished and infants do not get milk and medical towels and are prevented from their clothes.

"Due to the lack of soap and detergent, cholera spread inside the prison, on Mother's Day, and of course the Zinnabites ignored the issue and rejected any measures to introduce medical organizations or raise a state of emergency, forcing some female prisoners visited by their families to provide the soap they bought when visiting their daughters," she said.

The visits "do not exceed five minutes, without privacy, where the Zinnabites is around the prisoner, so that Zinnabites stands between the detainee inside and those who visit her from outside, so that she can hear the conversation between them.

"There is a keenness to know every word that comes out of the prison, even if a prisoner sings to entertain herself she is tied up for several hours under the sun." She added, "There are patrols during the day and night, and the prisoner is forbidden from covering her face, as they are forced to attend religious courses and those who contravene what was stated in the lectures are forced to work overtime in calling or visiting."