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Nidal Muthanna Mahdi Al-Taher
I was the only pregnant woman among the arrested women


“Nidal” (24 years old) was arrested on 18/8/2019 from her house in the “Naqum” area by the criminal investigation officers. Inside the house were children and women, and they terrified them while searching the house. Then they covered my eyes and took me to a place I did not know what it was and I did not know my accusation at all. "

She adds: "I was taken to the interrogation, which lasted from the night until the next morning, and they used unethical methods with me during the investigation, in addition to the unjustified brutality in dealing with us as I was beaten on the face with their prior knowledge that I was pregnant, and I was also beaten with a lightning wire." .

Nidal confirmed: “I was the only pregnant woman among the arrested women, however my case was not taken into consideration, as severe torture led to my bleeding more than once. At the time of the investigation, I vomited blood as a result of the beating and lightning strikes. The suffering I saw in prison did not stopped at me, but its effects extended to my daughter Mira, who was with me in prison, who was in a psychological state and is now crying when she sees any soldier. She was also deprived of her food, even bread was forbidden."

And she adds: "I still remember the person who used to torture me the most, his name is" Ahmed Matar "now, he is in Taiz. He was torturing me from Maghreb until the morning. I tried to commit suicide, I said death is better than torture, they helped me and threatened me by putting a gun on my head, so that I would not talk about what happened to me in prison. After that, I was transferred to the court without knowing what the accusation I was arrested on, I arrived at the judge and did not speak for fear that any charge would be attached to me, as I was threatened by the investigators that I would be accused of trafficking in hashish and other crimes if I spoke, which led me to remain silent throughout the trial.

Nidal states that the prison was "a phase of constant fear, torture, hunger and terror. My husband was looking for me for months in all places of detention and no one told him where I was, and then they brought me the testimony of his death while I was in prison, which led to the deterioration of my mental and health condition even after I was released from the central prison."