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Samira Abdullah Al-Houri
I found myself in the criminal search building in front of officers from the anti-terrorism and national security


Samira Abdullah Al-Houri

Head of the charity "White Hands" team.

She says: "I was recently exposed to pressures and blackmail documented by the Houthi group, as I was summoned in a threatening manner to the Passport Center. There, I was surprised by a secret investigation by the National Security and Political Security, which lasted for eight hours, and my phone was confiscated and completely copied, and I was interrogated in the presence of National Security officers and passport officials, namely: Abdullah Al-Sarem and Muhammad Al-Ghashem. At the end of the investigation, they forced me to sign and commit to cooperating with them in luring politicians and activists, and then they released me. But they kept in touch with me and tightly monitored me, which lasted for two weeks. I confirm here their repeated requests to me to implement matters outside the framework of ethics and public morals. I documented their requests in their conversations with me. I was surprised two weeks after the meeting at the passports center at 4:00 a.m. when they raided my apartment by national security and counter-terrorism and a number of four crews with 25 masked men and two private cars in which Sultan Zaben and Abu Salah, director of criminal research, stormed and looted my property, destroyed my furniture, and tied me, my daughter and my friend and I was forcibly taken away, where I found myself in the criminal search building in front of officers from the anti-terrorism and national security, where the investigation lasted approximately 12 hours." "An investigation during which they exerted all kinds of psychological and physical pressure, including fatigue, exhaustion, anxiety and intimidation, after which I was taken to an unknown place, myself and a number of girls with their eyes closed. I was beaten and given electric shocks, and my hair was cut and hung on the ladder for long hours, and I was interrogated for hours exceeding 12 hours a day. I was prevented from eating and being pressured to film videos in which I confessed to charges of espionage and espionage, during the three months I was subjected to practices That I did not expect, from beatings and starvation by the Zinnabites and the interrogators, forcing us to clean the toilets, cooking for the detainees, and I was threatened to bring my daughter as a pressure on me. I was released three months later through a conditional undertaking and signing my execution if I left Sana'a or talk to satellite channels or human rights organizations about what happened to me. Then I managed to escape and reach Marib."