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Sexual exploitation


"H-A" says in her testimony that one of her friends urged her to sit with one of the Houthi supervisors, he is a good and honorable person and his intention is only to get married .. I hesitated a lot and then became my friend and then we fell in love very rapidly under the insistence and pressure of my friend. " ... She adds: "I later learned that my friend is within a wide gang of girls, and their only mission is to recruit their friends and others to do many things with them under the pressure of documented clips of them having sex with gang members. "When they brought me down, I was 19 years old, before I went to university, I was going with (M.A.), a Houthi leader in the area of Hada under the indiscretion of love, I knew later that the gang consisted of dozens, they had houses, private apartments and private hotels, and this gang was heavily involved in the alcohol and hashish trade."

"H-A" says (M.A.) forced me to drink alcohol several times and his goal was to lose consciousness to have sex with me, because I was rejecting it strongly, but this happened and more than once where, it was done in his home personally, he was married and had children, I lost my virginity and then I went to check and I came to him crying begging him to marry me but at one point he denied me and even hit me and threatened me."

"My friend (A.S.) also fell into the trap of one of them (J.N.) a former national security officer and now a preventive security officer, who did everything with her and she lost her virginity, and then gave her to his cousin and others to make it easier for him to stay away from her on the grounds that he was not alone who had sex with her, and she is from a famous, large and leading family in the conference and in the state."

"I later learned from my friends who fell in the trap of this network that they were forced to have sex with a large number of men, some of whom are leaders of the state, security, army and well-known social figures," H-A says in her testimony. And continue the talk: I am the daughter of a leader in the Ministry of Interior and known for his closeness to the family of former President Saleh and my friends as well as daughters of prominent personalities and famous families. In the end, I don't know how I fell in this trap and how hedge in myself!. But despite what happened to me, after hearing the stories of my friends and others with them, I found myself more fortunate than them that I was not blackmailed like the others."