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Asmaa al-Amisi. Death sentence


Asmaa al-Amisi. Death sentence 

A 22-year-old mother of two has been detained in Sana'a political security prison since October 2016.

The judiciary under houthi militia sentenced her to death for "collaborating with aggression". The 50-year-old father of Asma al-Amisi told Amnesty International how they were tortured after he and his daughter Asma were detained in the criminal investigation department building in Sanaa: "They brought two others, Said Al-Ruweished and Ahmed Bawazir, into our room blindfolded with their hands tied, beat them in front of us, and forced us to watch the beatings. They beat them and asked them to confess, while they keep denying any wrongdoing. We Asma and Mater Al-Amisi] we remained silent for fear of being shot. God knows the extent of the torment we have suffered, according to statements made by Amnesty International, Asma has also been beaten, including punching, beaten with a cane and the hands of a female policewoman.