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Alleged Honoring of Shallal is Additional Violations to Human Rights, and the Minister Silence is Disrespect to the Agonies of the Victims
  • 13/12/2019
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    SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties condemned the alleged honoring by the Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights of former Aden Security Director Major General Shallal Ali Shae’, on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day which falls on the 10th of December.

    SAM said that such honoring, if true, is a new form of human rights violation in the Republic of Yemen, and a kind of reward for one of the major suspects of involvement in human rights violations.

    SAM condemned what it described as the dubious silence of the minister and his staff who refuse to confirm or deny this information, which SAM considered as disregard for the rights of the victims, and a provocation to the feelings of thousands of relatives of those forcibly disappeared in the illegal prisons in Aden, which Shae’ is accused of turning his home into one of these prisons.

    SAM was surprised that this alleged honoring came from a ministry claim to defend human rights in Yemen, and protection of victims, while it is unable even to issue a statement or take clear stand on the violations that committed in Aden and in other areas under the control of the Coalition forces and some loyal military units loyal to the legitimate president Abdorabo Mansour Hadi.

    Activists have circulated since yesterday evening a picture of an honorary shield from the Ministry of Human Rights of former Aden security director Major General Shallal Shae’. The shield carries the signature of the minister of human rights, Dr. Muhammed Askar. The activists expressed fury to such act, and Al-Masdar Online said that Askar has refused to answer, claiming to be busy and referred the website to the ministry’s spokesperson, who also refused to answer.

    Dr. Muhammad Jumaih, the Yemeni ambassador to UNESCO, asked in his Twitter account: How the Minister of Human Rights dares to honor Shae’ whose name was mentioned in the report of the UN Committee of Experts and linked to assassinations and murders crimes in Aden?! How does the minister discredit his country internationally?! How will would he be credible at the international forums then? Is the legitimacy that dismissed Shallal is the legitimacy that honored him?! Whereas, Minister Askar continued his gray position regarding confirming or denying the information, and asked Jumaih to submit his question through official channels. SAM Organization: Alleged Honoring of Shallal, is Additional Violations to Human Rights, and the Minister Silence is Disrespect to the Agonies of the Victims

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