Title date Category
13591 Close all Illegal Detention Centers in Yemen 2017-09-07 Statements
23603 SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, Geneva 29 Aug 2016Economic Crises and Deteriorating Humanitarian Conditions are the First Challenges for the New Yemeni Government 2016-10-05 Statements
33604 Adduhai Crossing to Death 2016-12-03 Reports
43608 not ytViolations against journalists by parties to the conflict in Yemen, constitute a clear breach of the right to freedom of opinion and expression 2018-03-13 Statements
53609 Joint statement: Euro-Med and SAM condemn recruitment of mercenaries by UAE to kill civilians in Yemen, call for accountability 2018-10-19 Statements
63610 The Forgotten Land 2017-02-15 Reports
73611 not ytSAM Publishes Investigation into the Execution of Five Civilians by the Security Belt in Addalie 2019-07-3 Reports
83614 Statement on Depriving Yemenis of the Right to Movement 2018-02-10 Statements
93617 The Mysterious Explosion 2019-05-28 Reports
103649 May to July 2016 Hadhramout Enforced Disappearance 11/07/2016
113755 The Joint Crime Military Police Prison in Sanaa 03/07/2017 Reports
123756 The Joint Crime Military Police Prison in Sanaa 29/12/2018 Reports
133757 The Hidden Killer 29/01/2019 Reports
143759 SAM Releases What is left for us 03/07/2019 Reports
153760 Border Incineration 02/09/2019 Reports
163774 SAM Issued a Statement Highlighting the Issue of Sick Detainees in Houthis Prisons 20/02/2019 Reports
173784 Close all Illegal Detention Centers in Territories under Legitimate Government in Aden and Hadhramout 22/05/2017 Statements
183786 Human rights report monitors the human rights situation during the fighting between government forces and the forces of the Southern Transitional Council 16/12/2019 Reports
193792 Al-Mahrah; Invisible Violations 16/01/2020 Reports
203810 SAM Organization Released Testimonies of 27 Al-Saleh Prison’s Victims 10/02/2020 Reports
213841 SAM Calls for Immediate Release of Aqlan and Al-Eryani 01/05/2020 Statements
223844 SAM; Journalists at Risk of Execution must be Released; Calls on the International Community to Announce a Shame List of Press Freedom Violators in Yemen 03/05/2020 Statements
233846 SAM Calls for an Investigation into the Torture of an ex-detainee, in Houthis Prisons, who Consequently Commit Suicide 03/05/2020 Statements
243848 SAM Calls on Saudi Arabia to Disclose Fate of Yemeni Government Official and a Yemeni Civilian who have been Forcibly Disappeared for Weeks 09/05/2020 Statements
253850 SAM Calls Saudi Arabia for the Immediate Release of Yemeni Fighters Disappeared in the Southern Border for Claiming Salaries 11/05/2020 Statements
263855 SAM Calls on the Local Authority in Marib to Stop Violations against Journalists, Activists and Civilians 20/05/2020 Statements
273858 Corona Pandemic Turned into a Security Issue by the Houthis 25/05/2020 Statements
283859 SAM Calls Houthis Group to Release the Detainees Immediately 07/06/2020 Statements
293862 SAM Organization Calls on the Coalition to Stop Fueling the Insurgency and Killings in Yemen 20/06/2020 Statements
303864 SAM Organization Issues a Statement on Torture rimes in Yemen 26/06/2020 Statements
313866 SAM Organization Demands Saudi Authorities to Reveal the Whereabouts and Fate of Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Zubairi and four other Yemenis 28/06/2020 Statements
323868 SAM Organization Calls to Save Detained Female Students in the University of Sanaa Dormitory for three Months 30/06/2020 Statements
333870 The Mysterious ExplosionSAM Organization for Rights and Liberties condemns the killing and body mutilation of the Yemeni citizen Mujahid Qashir on Sunday 21 July 2019. 09/09/2018 Reports
343871 SAM Organization Condemns a Ruling of Houthis-run Court in Sanaa 06/07/2020 Statements
353873 SAM Warns Interlocutors in Riyadh not to Ignore Detainees in the South 08/07/2020 Statements
363894 Dangerous Career 08/09/2020 Reports
374034 SAM and FSPD Calling on Britain to Stop Selling Weapons to Saudi Arabia and the UAE 23/11/2020 Reports
384046 SAM Releases Capital Punishment as discretionary penalty Report 03/12/2020 Reports
394074 SAM: There is no way to stop human rights violations in Yemen except by activating the principle of accountability 10/12/2020
404112 Houthi Sniper Ends the Education Career for Amr 27/12/2020 Statements
414117 The Village of Humaidhah Shutair ... An Arena for Joint Operations and Coordination of Human Rights Violations 07/01/2021 Reports
424122 SAM Calls on the Security Council to Protect Civilians after Houthis Decision to Bury Dozens of Bodies Collectively 19/01/2021 Statements
434124 A Continuous Deterioration and Mounting Challenges facing the Educational in Yemen 24/01/2021 Statements
444126 SAM Monitors Brutal Practices and Torture in Houthis’ Prisons that Amount to War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity 28/01/2021 Statements
454134 SAM for Rights and Liberties & Euro-Med Monitor new report: Houthis recruited more than 10,000 children in Yemen 12/02/2021 Reports
464135 SAM: The Bombing of Marib and the Saudi Abha Airport by the Houthi Militia is a War Crime. 12/02/2021
474150 On their world day... Sam reveals figures showing violations against women in Yemen during the war 08/03/2021 Reports
484185 I was subjected to severe torture, where they removed my nails 06/04/2021 Human stories
494186 I was the only pregnant woman among the arrested women 06/04/2021 Human stories
504189 The psychological torture they practice against female prisoners is unimaginable 06/04/2021
514192 Asmaa al-Amisi. Death sentence 07/04/2021 Human stories
524194 Yemeni in Saudi Prisons 08/04/2021 Reports
534292 A Human Rights Report Published by SAM on the Atrocities of Enforced Disappearance in Yemen 30/08/2021 Reports
544299 SAM Calls for an Urgent Investigation into the Death of Abdul-Malik al-Sanabani at the Hands of Forces Affiliated with the Transitional Council 11/09/2021
554305 The Big Collapse 22/09/2021 Reports
564336 The Sniper Horror 30/11/2021 Reports
574350 The continued violations of the parties to the conflict and the absence of an effective role of the international community contributed to the unprecedented escalation of Yemeni suffering and the dete 11/01/2022 Reports
584354 Targeting Civilian Objects and Residential Neighbourhoods is a Grave violation that Amounts to War Crimes 18/01/2022 Statements
594375 In an investigative report SAM Organization reveals that the Houthi group used the judiciary and the media to cover its seizure of more than two and a half billion dollars from the property of their p 14/02/2022 Reports
604383 Saudi Arabia: Yemeni Sentenced to Seven Years for Posting on Social Media 25/02/2022 Statements
614386 SAM for Rights and Liberties Launches its Report on Barriers of Fear and Misleading Discourse 28/02/2022 Reports
624401 The Child who Escaped Death and Lives in Constant Fear 29/03/2022 Human stories
634414 A letter to my Detained Father 19/04/2022 Reports
644469 When Will I be able to Play 14/06/2022 Human stories
654501 Muhammad the Shepherd Child… between Life and Death 17/07/2022 Human stories
664520 In Yemen, A Girls Dream of Becoming a Model Ends in Solitary Confinement 27/07/2022 Human stories
674547 SAM calls for the publication of lists of forcibly disappeared persons and secret prisons of the parties to the conflict and calls on the international community and its specialized mechanisms to end 30/08/2022 Statements
684553 STC Forces are Leading a Terrifying Crackdown against Journalists by Publishing a Video of the Kidnapped Journalist Ahmed Maher 05/09/2022 Statements
694555 Saada Lost her Sight and Lives with her Ten Children in a Shop 07/09/2022 Human stories
704563 The Houthi group’s expropriation and confiscation of citizens lands in Hodeidah is a serious violation and forced displacement that must be stopped and the perpetrators should be held accountable 16/09/2022 Statements
714566 The Execution of 10 Yemenis in the Case of the Killing of Saleh Al-Samad was an Extrajudicial Execution with a Judicial Cover 19/09/2022 Statements
724571 The Houthi Coup against State Institutions Ended the Yemeni Dream of a Democratic State and Opened the Door Wide to all Evils and Violations 21/09/2022 Statements
734575 A human rights report issued by SAM organization monitors the killing and wounding of 74 civilians by Houthi fire since the start of the UN truce in Taiz and the effects of the siege imposed on the ci 28/09/2022 Reports
744577 Who will restore the glow of life to him?? 30/09/2022 Human stories
754581 SAM Expresses its Concern about the Hunger Strike Announced by the Detainees in Al Munawarah Prison in al-Mukalla due to the Failure to Implement their Release Order and Holds the Authorities in Hadhr 03/10/2022 Statements
764590 SAM calls for an end to the suffering of prisoners of war, including the prisoners of the so-called Al Jabara in Houthi prisons and the success of the all for all deal 14/10/2022 Statements
774591 Human rights organizations call for an urgent international investigation into the death and injury of dozens of children with cancer in a hospital under the authority of the Houthi group after they h 14/10/2022 Statements
784635 SAM Calls on the Houthi Group to Hand over the Body of the Prisoner Yasser Al-Sufyani and Calls for an Impartial Investigation into the Circumstances of his Death inside its Prisons 24/10/2022 Statements
794637 SAM welcomes the guilty verdict issued by a German court against soldiers who were about to form a mercenary squad to fight in Yemen and calls on France and the United States to take similar steps 26/10/2022 Statements
804640 The Continuation of the Houthi Groups Attacks on Civilian Areas is a War Crime that Requires International Action 30/10/2022 Statements
814645 SAM denounces the practices of the Houthi group against female detainees 10/11/2022 Statements
824649 SAM calls on the international community to contribute to finding solutions to the challenges facing the children of Yemen 20/11/2022 Statements
834653 The international community should review its policy which has encouraged the parties to the conflict in Yemen to commit more human rights violations 10/12/2022 Statements
844657 Displaced in the Open 15/12/2022 Reports
854665 Disturbed Security.. A Report Documenting Human Rights Violations in Areas under the Control of Yemeni Government in Taiz 31/12/2022 Reports
864668 The Houthi group threatens the female detainees not to release them except as funerals 03/01/2023 Statements
874671 SAM launches a campaign without justice 03/01/2023 Statements
884680 The trial of activists on social media on charges that carry the death penalty 08/01/2023 Statements
894695 Year of Stagnation 30/01/2023 Reports
904707 The ruling against Al-Hammadi shows systematic repression against women in Yemen 12/02/2023 Statements
914709 THEY ARE STILL AT THE FIGHT 12/02/2023 Reports
924718 Urgent Appeal to Stop Political Trials 22/02/2023 Statements
934720 The Houthis Confiscate Al-Lahabi's Money and Cause a Woman to Miscarry 24/02/2023 Statements
944736 Discriminatory restrictions 08/03/2023 Reports
954737 SAM makes an appeal to the interlocutors in Geneva regarding the file of the detainees 11/03/2023 Statements
964739 No Justice 12/03/2023 Reports
974744 Excluding the political leader Mohammed Qahtan from the swap deal is shocking 15/03/2023 Statements
984748 Those responsible for the Friday of Dignity massacre must be prosecuted. 18/03/2023 Statements
994773 Hunger Massacre 20/04/2023 Statements
1004785 The search for lost justice in Aden: the story of a family suffering persecution and injustice 01/05/2023 Statements
1014787 Houthi Summer Centers 02/05/2023 Statements
1024789 Responsibility for Lives of Detainees in Al-Munawara Prison Rests with Hadramout Authorities 05/05/2023 Statements
1034792 Ending the File of Disappeared & Detainees in Yemen Conflict Prisons 11/05/2023 Statements
1044842 Disappearance of Yemeni Activist by Saudi Authorities 20/06/2023 Statements
1054849 SAM Calls for the Prosecution of Perpetrators of Crimes of Torture in Yemen 26/06/2023 Statements
1064853 The continued targeting of children with mines requires urgent action 06/07/2023 Statements
1074856 17 bodies of people kidnapped by the Houthi group more than 13 years ago 08/07/2023 Reports
1084859 Marib governorate should immediately release the activist "Manea Sulaiman" 11/07/2023 Statements
1094865 Urgent International Call to End Siege on Taiz 13/07/2023 Statements
1104871 Joining Hands for Justice on World Day for International Justice 17/07/2023 Statements
1114873 Detention and Torture of Mohammed Hasan Qaid by Southern Transitional Council 18/07/2023 Statements
1124880 Torture in Al-Khawkhah Prison 400 23/07/2023 Statements
1134907 Ensure the Right to a Fair and Speedy Trial for Detained Journalist Ahmed Maher in Aden - Yemen 06/08/2023 Statements
1144922 Killing of Jamal Shehab by the Fifth Brigade 14/08/2023 Statements
1154938 Brutal Attack on Yemeni Journalist Raises Concerns about Press Freedom. 25/08/2023 Statements
1164944 Joint Statement on the International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances 30/08/2023 Statements
1174957 Working Together to Uphold the Just Demands and Rights of Yemeni Teachers 08/09/2023 Statements
1184962 Killing Saddam Al-Sulaimani is a crime against humanity 12/09/2023 Statements
1194971 Houthi Execution of Nine Al-Hudaydah Individuals is An Unlawful Act 18/09/2023 Statements
1204981 Peace Must Be Based on Clear And Comprehensive Foundations for It to Succeed 21/09/2023 Statements
1214987 Deporting Al-Shuja’a Violates Non-Refoulement Principle for Political Opposition 26/09/2023 Statements
1224993 Houthi Attack on September 26 Revolution Participants Warrants Accountability 29/09/2023 Statements
1235005 International Day of The Girl Child 12/10/2023 Statements
1245013 Stop The War Crimes Against The Palestinian People 17/10/2023 Statements
1255015 Israeli Violations of International Humanitarian Law in Gaza 18/10/2023 Statements
1265016 Human Rights Organizations Call for Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza and Israel 19/10/2023 Statements
1275029 Legal Breach in The Case of Ahmed Maher 29/10/2023 Statements
1285035 38 journalists have been killed by the Israeli army in less than a month 02/11/2023 Statements
1295036 Crimes against Journalists Go Unpunished 02/11/2023 Statements
1305042 SAM warns of unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza Strip 08/11/2023 Statements
1315052 The Israeli Army's Storming of Shifa Hospital is A Public War Crime 15/11/2023 Statements
1325055 A Massacre Against Displaced People at Al-Fakhoura School in Gaza 18/11/2023 Statements
1335058 A Palestinian child is killed every 10 minutes in the Gaza 20/11/2023 Statements
1345059 A Tortured Childhood 20/11/2023
1355060 Justice for Yemen Children must be included in peace talks 20/11/2023 Statements
1365061 For Every Child, Every Right 20/11/2023 Statements
1375068 The Longest Israeli Occupation A Threat to Human Rights 23/11/2023 Statements
1385071 Together to Combat Violence Against Women 25/11/2023 Statements
1395078 Showing Solidarity With The Palestinian People Begins With Ending The Crimes of Genocide 29/11/2023 Statements
1405079 Childhood Interrupted 29/11/2023 Statements
1415086 The Impact of Continued American Support on Israeli Army Actions 03/12/2023 Statements
1425089 Houthi Court's Verdict to Execute Activist Fatima Al-Arwali Mocks Justice 06/12/2023 Statements
1435093 The Longest Israeli Occupation A Threat to Human Rights 10/12/2023 Statements
1445094 No Human Rights Can Exist Without the Pursuit of Justice 10/12/2023 Statements
1455119 They Are A Danger 28/12/2023 Reports
1465157 Political Detainees in Mukalla Stage Hunger Strike Due to Rights Deprivation 26/01/2024 Statements
1475172 Red Hand Day - International Day against the Use of Children as Soldiers 13/02/2024 Statements
1485173 The Arrest of The Lawyer Sami Yassin Constitutes a Threat To Human Rights Defenders 14/02/2024 Statements
1495175 Advocating for Accountability in Yemen: Justice4Yemen Coalition at UPR 15/02/2024 Statements
1505176 Return Me My Son 15/02/2024 Reports
1515178 SAM Releases Its 2023 Briefing 20/02/2024 Reports
1525181 Houthis Issue New Law Raising Fears of Increased Suppression of Rights 26/02/2024 Statements
1535205 The Houthis commit new war crimes by blowing up civilian homes in Rada’a 19/03/2024 Statements
1545232 Call for an urgent investigation into the death of Kamel Talib and his son in the security forces prison in Seiyun 16/04/2024 Statements

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