not ytSAM Publishes Investigation into the Execution of Five Civilians by the Security Belt in Addalie
  • 2019-07-3
    SAM |

    AM Organization for Rights and Liberties, issued a report on Saturday, July 3, 2019, a human rights report entitled "Crime in the Mosque" documented the crime of extralegal executions carried out by elements of the "Security Belt" forces acting on behalf of the UAE in Addalie governorate, southern Yemen, against five people under the allegation that they are of Hashemite origin on June 7, 2019.

    SAM said the incident was one of a number of extralegal executions committed collectively during the armed conflict in Yemen by various parties, including the Houthis armed group, which committed a similar crime in Al-Malajim district in Al-Baidha governorate, against four Sheikhs and dignitaries in July 2016.

    SAM called on the Yemeni government to work seriously to hold those responsible for violations of human rights law accountable.

    SAM said it is keen to track extrajudicial executions, arbitrary executions and summary executions committed by the parties to the armed conflict in Yemen. Within this context, SAM has published a specialized report entitled “Brutal Killer”, in 2016.

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