May to July 2016 Hadhramout Enforced Disappearance
  • 11/07/2016
    SAM |

    SAM Observatory for Rights and Liberties, based in Genève, has followed with great concern during the period May – July 2016, arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance that has targeted political and social activists in Hadhramout governorate by military forces affiliated to local authorities in the governorate, where tens of activists have been detained and disappeared, some of whom were subjected to torture till death.

    SAM monitors in Hadhramout have documented 75 cases of arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance during reporting period, mainly in Mukalla city, two of whom were tortured to death. Arbitrary detention and enforced disappearance have included different age groups, including aged people who have been detained at remote detention facilities that are not subject to law control, the matter that will negatively impact their health conditions.

    On May 7, military force affiliated to the legitimate government has detained Sheikh Abdullah Al-Yazedi, director of Al-Ihsan Charity Society and took him to unknown place and his whereabouts is still unknown. On May 9, Sheikh Ahmed Ali Baro'ud and Sheikh Abdulhakeem Al-Sa'di were detained and taken into unknown place. Sheikh Al-Sa'di was released, while Sheikh Baro'ud whereabouts is still unknown.

    SAM monitors has documented death of detainee Mohammed Awad Barahma due to torture. He has been detained with his two brothers Awad and Aidros on 13 May by military forces composed of 4 patrols affiliated to Military Elite forces, two days later Mohammed body was found in Ibn Sena hospital's mortuary with torture signs.

    On 17 June 2016, SAM monitors also documented death of Lutfi Juma'an Bafeteem (nicknamed Bele), who has been detained by military force and taken into unknown place. The Organization also documented many incidents of inhuman treatment on detainees and denial of visits according to eyewitnesses.

    Accordingly, SAM Observatory for Rights and Liberties, strongly condemn such incidents of enforced disappearance and torture sustained by activists in Hadhramout governorate, and confirms that unjustified detention and without judicial warranty is clear violation to Yemeni Penal Code, UDHR and the covenant on Civil and Political Rights, also failure to declare place of detention of the disappeared persons and denying them access to lawyer or to know their news, is violation to justice guarantees and is a form of arbitrary detention.

    SAM Organization also confirms that torture and cruel punishment on civilians are considered as crimes and violation to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment ratified by the Republic of Yemen, and the perpetrators shall be held accountable and shall be treated as crimes against humanity according to Rome Statute.

    Accordingly, SAM Organization calls upon the Ministry of Human Rights in the legitimate government to exert all pressures on the local authority to stop such violations and release immediately all foreplay disappeared persons and to take all legal measures to prevent such violations and refer perpetrators to justice.

    SAM Organization also regrets silence of the local and international community towards such violations in Hadhramout and calls upon all local and international rights and civil organizations to condemn such violations and work to stop them, also calls upon Yemeni government and the National to Investigate alleged Human Rights Violations to initiate immediately and investigation process on the enforced disappearance and torture crimes in Hadhramout governorate and refer perpetrators to justice.

    SAM for Rights and Liberties, Genève, 11 July 2016

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