On International Human Rights Day
SAM: There is no way to stop human rights violations in Yemen except by activating the principle of accountability
  • 10/12/2020
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    Sam Organization for Rights and Freedoms said that six years of war have put millions of Yemenis in a circle of certain death. So far, the war has left more than 250,000 civilians dead, according to UN estimates, as well as hundreds of thousands of injured and amputees, thousands of detainees and forcibly disappeared, and tens of thousands of homes and schools destroyed without any near horizon for peace in Yemen.

    In a press release issued on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, Sam said that Yemen has become an insecure country that does not meet the basic requirements of life, calling for serious efforts for Yemenis to have a decent life free from violations and violence, especially as the effects of war have cast more From 80% of the population to the category of the poor in need of humanitarian aid to survive, in addition to the fact that the majority of them live in very poor security conditions under the rule of the militias.

    Sam emphasized that the rapid deterioration of the Yemeni currency to unprecedented levels, and the increase in prices at rates exceeding 300%, deprived two-thirds of Yemenis of their economic rights, as millions became below the poverty line, and Yemen was experiencing a real humanitarian disaster, calling on the parties to the conflict to respect human rights. In Yemen, ensuring their human dignity in their various places of existence.

    Sam said that International Human Rights Day puts the local, regional and international community before their legal and moral responsibilities, due to the violations that civilians in Yemen are exposed to in general, children and women in particular, which requires effective and serious action, stripped of political calculations to uncover the perpetrators and the participants in what The situation reached him, and we are working hard to move the criminal accountability file.

    Sam emphasized that Yemen needs more societal human rights struggle at home and abroad in order to establish peace in a comprehensive societal concept, and to work side by side with the free society of human rights organizations and activists to form a global alliance away from political polarization, to restore the dignity of Yemeni people and ensure that Impunity for criminals.

    Sam said that the coalition countries, led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which were supposed to contribute to solving the Yemeni issue, contributed - rather, unfortunately - to the absence of the Yemeni state in its supposed control areas, undermined the concept of sovereignty based on respect, and disrupted the tools. The economy that could have contributed to reducing the economic and living situation, in addition to forming and supporting armed militias outside the control of the state, and even directly contributing to the violation of human rights and undermining security and social peace by bringing in hired killers to target the notables of society with murder and abuse and the establishment of secret prisons, to hide And the torture of opponents, all of these crimes put the human conscience before an urgent humanitarian and legal mission, which is to bring those involved to criminal accountability, to redress the victims, and to win justice.

    "Sam" indicated that the world must not forget the horrific numbers of violations of the rights of women and children, death sentences, looting of money and property and other crimes that the Houthi militia practices against its victims, and "Sam" called on all free people at home and abroad to work together to defend human rights as an essential input. To solve the Yemeni crisis and ensure a secure future based on coexistence and respect for rights and freedoms.

    Sam thanked her team of field workers, who work in dangerous conditions in harmony and dedication with the organization's goals in order to spread awareness, uncover and document violations. Thanks to them, the organization issued more than 75 human rights statements during the year 2020, in addition to 4 specific reports that it issued separately, namely The report of Al-Saleh prison, Al-Mahra prison, invisible violations, a dangerous profession, and a discredited execution. It also issued two reports with its partners, namely "Head of Shame", and a report on "British weapons sold to Saudi Arabia and the UAE", in addition to various data that included specific issues. With distinguished media coverage, it included violations of children, women and journalists, and violations of fair trial principles

    Sam said that International Human Rights Day represents a starting point for work to guarantee freedom and human rights, and to protect and defend the rights of children, women, the rights of people with disabilities, workers, youth, refugees, and anyone who specifically experiences or suffers from discrimination or any form of violence.

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