Due to Health Conditions in the city of Aden .. SAM Calls for the Release of Political Detainees
  • 28/04/2020
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    GENEVA - In a joint statement, SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties and the American Center for Justice (ACJ) called on the parties to the conflict in Aden to quickly abandon political conflict and work together to save Aden from the health disaster caused by the floods and torrential rains, and address its consequences, and providing safe houses for the displaced and restore basic services, considering the risks that the conflict would lead to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the city.

    In a joint statement today, Thursday, April 30, the two organizations expressed grave concern over the fate of the displaced families, and the outbreak of illness that emerged after the rain and torrential catastrophe, especially in Block 31, al-Mansoura, which are similar to symptoms of Covid-19 (Corona), especially after receiving appeals from the people of Aden explaining the symptoms of the spreading disease, who requested the organizations to convey the voices of their appeals.

    The statement stressed that the Arab Coalition and the Southern Transitional Council, as a de facto authority, are obligated under international law to guarantee the health rights of civilians, especially children, women, the elderly, and those with chronic diseases, who are most vulnerable to the Covid-19 epidemic.

    The two organizations stated that the outbreak of Covid-19 in the city of Aden according to the announcement of the Supreme National Committee to confront the Corona epidemic on its Twitter account by recording five confirmed cases, represents a serious threat to the lives of residents in the city of Aden, in light of the dire circumstances the city is going through and the suffering of the population, due to the of torrential rains and political conflict between the Coalition and the Sothern Transitional Council, which threatens all relief efforts in the city.


    The statement said that the population density, and the city's lack of hygiene due to torrents poses a great danger to the safety and health of the population, and warns of a disaster for Yemen because of the pivotal center Aden enjoys for all Yemenis in transit or working there.

    Abdul Rahman Barman, President of the American Center for Justice, emphasized that failure by the authorities is a violation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which Yemen has ratified, and which states the right of every human being to “enjoy the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health.” Governments are obligated by taking effective measures "to prevent, treat and combat epidemic, endemic and occupational diseases and other diseases"

    At the end of their statement, the two organizations urged all parties in Yemen and the World Health Organization to work together at a high pace in order to save the city of Aden from the health disaster caused by the rains and torrents, and spare the city from any risks to which the population might be exposed due to coronavirus outbreak.

    It also urged all parties to the conflict in Yemen to release immediately the detainees in prisons for fear of any complications due to the health situation.

     SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, Geneva

    American Center for Justice (ACJ), Michigan

    April 30, 2020

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