The outcome of seven years of monitoring, systematic investigation and in-depth research
SAM launches its human rights archive
  • 12/07/2023
    SAM |

    Yesterday, Tuesday, SAM launched its human rights archive containing more than 700 articles, which include reports, studies, surveys, statements, human rights stories, and daily monitoring of human rights violations committed by all parties to the conflict in Yemen from 2016 to 2023.

    The archive is the outcome of seven years of monitoring, research, investigation, and intensive monitoring by a team that includes elite researchers, journalists, human rights monitors, and lawyers who devoted their efforts and time to supporting the victims, conveying their suffering, and pushing for justice and redress for those affected, in addition to holding the perpetrators accountable.

    The archive contains materials in both Arabic and English, which allows free access to documented and updated information. This archive constitutes a rich reference for local and foreign journalists, human rights activists, and researchers. Additionally, the archive represents an important resource for international and local human rights organizations and institutions, as it contains real facts and indicators on the human rights situation in the country.

    Our research team adhered to a rigorous methodology in conducting studies and preparing reports, starting with collecting data from various and reliable sources, ensuring its validity and accuracy, and then analyzing it objectively and professionally. For more accuracy and objectivity, the team normally conducts a field visit to experience the phenomenon/problem in question and to listen to complaints from victims and testimonies of witnesses in order to accurately understand the human rights situation.

    In every material included in the archive, SAM adhered to the principles of integrity, professionalism, and non-alignment with any of the parties to the conflict, and it was keen to present the various visions, including the visions of the perpetrators of the violations, whenever possible.

    It is worth noting that SAM's reports were praised as a reliable and rich source with evidence, and they were used as sources of the US State Department's Human Rights Report 2022, as well as reports issued by UN commissions of inquiry.

    We at SAM look forward to expanding the scope of the archive and improving the quality of available information, to be the leading and reliable reference in Yemen.

    In conclusion, we invite researchers and human rights and media institutions to view the materials available in our archives - on the link - and use them in research, reports and projects related to human rights.

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