Said that the War of the Arab Coalition Lost its Fairness and Morality
SAM Organization Calls on the Coalition to Stop Fueling the Insurgency and Killings in Yemen
  • 20/06/2020
    SAM |

    SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, based in Geneva, said today, Saturday 20/6/2020 that the continuation of the Arab Coalition in Yemen to fuel the rebellion against the legitimate government in Yemen caused continued violations against the civilians in Yemen, constrained freedom of expression and threatening the lives of millions of Yemenis due to hunger And disease.

    “The Coalition war in Yemen has lost its justice and morality by deviating from its legal cause, and deviating from its declared goals, by disrupting the role of the government, supporting rebel forces with arms, money, and direct military intervention, and shelling the army of the legitimate government on the outskirts of Aden by the bombardment of Emirates Air Force at the end of August 2019," said the statement. also, by establishing private interests that affect Yemeni sovereignty, undermine the supreme interests of Yemenis, threaten Yemen's security and stability and confiscate its political and economic rights, as the Coalition turned Yemen into a platform for proxy war between the Yemeni parties that the Coalition fed with arms and money, thereby threatening the security and stability of civilians and disrupting economic interests In Yemen, established military bases in some of the islands without the consent of the legitimate government, also, it led Yemen to the brink of hunger through siege and displacement of residents and banning fishermen from fishing in a number of coasts in Taiz, Hodiedah and Al-Mahra.

    In its statement, SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties affirmed that the Coalition’s approach is based on dividing influence and interests, establishing armed militias, supplying them with weapons and supervising them directly by the United Arab Emirates administratively, financially and militarily, an approach that contradicts the goal for which the Coalition intervention, and thus it loses the legitimacy of its existence and intervention it in Yemen.

    SAM said that the UAE-backed forces rebelled against the state, fabricated problems and crises, and have practiced serious violations of international law such as extrajudicial killings, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, night raids, the establishment of secret and illegal prisons, and the disruption of the role of government and law enforcement institutions, which are violations documented by national and international human rights organizations, and included in the reports of the international investigation committees, the most recent of which were the report of the Group of Imminent Experts for 2017 and 2018.

    "The Coalition brought mercenaries to Yemen to disturb security and assassinate opposition figures, established secret prisons in the southern governorates, practiced physical torture and systematic enforced disappearance of dozens of civilians in Aden and Hadramout governorates, killing and wounding thousands of Yemeni civilians, especially women and children, in indiscriminate shelling, especially in the densely populated areas, destroyed the infrastructure, as it destroyed nearly 133 hospitals, 80 bridges, and more than 4000 stations and water pumps, and caused the displacement of residents, which are gross violations of international law” the statement said.

    SAM organization statement said that the conflict created by the coalition in Yemen contributed greatly to the hate speech between the people of Yemen, and worked to divide the Yemeni society in a frightening way, which resulted in committing grave human rights violations on regional grounds, such as killing on identity, looting of property and forced displacement of workers in the city of Aden.

    The organization said that the coalition’s seizure of southern Yemeni ports on the Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden in addition to the Mokha port on the Red Sea and the disruption of airports, deprived the Yemeni budget of billions of dollars.

    SAM said the failure to conduct transparent and impartial investigations into the violations committed in Yemen and the absence of international accountability, especially by countries active in arms-providing, and politicizing of human rights in Yemen, the last of which was to delist the coalition from the “shame list” of  violators of children's rights in Yemen, reveals the indifference to the devastating consequences caused by the coalition countries in their war against Yemen.

    SAM called on the Saudi-Emirati coalition to stop its support for the fighting between the Yemeni parties, respect the sovereignty of the Yemeni state, the supreme interests of the Yemeni people, stop the gross violations of human rights, and provide humanitarian support to save Yemenis from the health and humanitarian challenges.

    SAM called on the internationally recognized government to carry out its constitutional and legal duties towards what is happening in Yemen, to work for security and stability, and to provide health and humanitarian services to the Yemeni community.

     It also called on the international community to work in a serious and effective manner to bring peace to Yemen and to apply accountability towards violators of human rights in Yemen.


    SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, Geneva

    June 20, 2020

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