To advocate for political detainees
SAM launches a campaign without justice
  • 03/01/2023
    SAM |

    SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties is launching a call for a human rights advocacy campaign to demand the rescue of political prisoners subjected to unfair trials that lack the most basic principles of fair and impartial litigation, and many of them have been unfairly sentenced. 

    The campaign aims to bring international and local attention to the cases of political detainees, prisoners of conscience, and gender-based detainees who are subjected to unfair trials and held in prisons that are not supervised by independent judicial bodies. The campaign also aims to mobilize international and local influence in order to exert pressure on the parties to the conflict in Yemen to stop political trials and executions and to achieve justice for the victims, accountability for the violators, and justice for Yemen.

    Since 2014 until today, Yemen has been living in a deteriorating state, for which human rights are the main measure. With the onset of the conflict, political freedoms deteriorated, prisons were filled with dissidents and political opponents, and the new officials' sensitivity to human rights violations decreased.

    It is axiomatic to say that there is no peace in Yemen without stopping the political trials practiced by Ansar Allah, “the Houthis”, and to a lesser extent the Yemeni government and its partner, the Southern Transitional Council, against their opponents, releasing them, stopping executions, and disclosing the fate of the forcibly disappeared.

    The conflict cannot be resolved without dealing bravely and honestly with the file of political detainees and showing goodwill through real and tangible steps that begin with the immediate and unconditional release of the detainees and end with revealing the truth and ensuring that the perpetrators do not enjoy impunity.

    We believe that closing the wound begins with achieving justice for the detainees and holding accountable those involved in the crimes of detention, torture and ill-treatment, and that this is the main guarantee for building trust and achieving peace.

    The time has come to draw the attention of international public opinion to the cases of political detainees subjected to unfair trials and to demand justice and accountability in Yemen.

    We call for the immediate cessation of all political trials and the cessation of executions of "death sentences" for political prisoners, journalists, human rights defenders and gender-based detainees.

    The campaign calls for the local and international prosecution of all those responsible for violations against political detainees, as well as the prosecution of those impersonating judges, prosecutors, and judicial officers who give the character of judicial rulings to political directives and blacklist them along with those responsible for arrest and torture.

    “SAM” organization launches this advocacy campaign and invites you to interact and participate in it and to bring the detainees’ voice to every platform you can contribute to. 

    We must make their cause present in this difficult time they are going through.

    So long as we are able to access the Internet and interact with the world and affect international decision-makers, our duty is to convey the voices of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience who are unable to communicate with the outside world.

    Be with us. 




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