Reflects the lack of seriousness of some parties
Excluding the political leader Mohammed Qahtan from the swap deal is shocking
  • 15/03/2023
    SAM |

    Geneva - SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties expressed its astonishment and denunciation of the news about the Houthi group's unwillingness to include the political leader in the Islah Party, "Mohammed Qahtan", who has been detained for eight years, in the swap deal that is currently being arranged in Geneva. The organization called on  the political parties to seriously put an end to this file and  to renounce any political differences in order to complete the deal and include all detainees in it.

    The organization said in a brief statement issued today, Tuesday, the leader, "Qahtan", was excluded more than once in previous deals without any legal justification. It also indicated that "Qahtan", in addition to his political life, is a person who has family, friends and lovers who are looking forward to seeing him after many years of disappearance and deprivation.

    The organization highlighted the importance of all parties disclosing the names of all the forcibly disappeared persons who were detained in their prisons, including secret prisons, stressing that hundreds of families have been waiting for their relatives who have been forcibly disappeared for eight years, and it is time to find out the whole truth about the fate of their relatives.

    SAM stressed the importance of the comprehensive release of all political detainees who were arrested due to the ongoing conflict, calling for the need for the current deal to unconditionally include all Yemeni detainees in all prisons. Additionally, it emphasized that any requirement for those groups protected by law is nothing but political blackmail and cannot be accepted.

    The organization pointed out that enforced disappearance is a complex inhumane crime that extends to the detainee's family and his family. Such a complex crime leaves psychological and social effects that are difficult to overcome.

    Accordingly, SAM calls for the importance of disclosing the fate of "Qahtan" and all those detained and forcibly disappeared by all parties and to include their names in the swap deal. It also stresses the need for all parties to collectively show good intentions under international auspices and to refrain from political bidding on this sensitive issue.

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