The Mysterious Explosion
  • 2019-05-28
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    A report published by SAM Organization, Investigates the Explosion that Killed 14 Female Student at Al-Ra’i school in Sana’a 

    SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, based in Geneva, published today, 7 May 2019, a report entitled “the Mysterious Explosion”, included an investigation conducted by SAM, about the explosion that occurred on 7 April 2019, next to Al-Ra’i school in Sa’wan, Sana’a city, which is under Houthis control,  and killed 14 male and female students, and injured dozens others, in addition to large property damage.

    The report included number of the casualties, and documented testimonies of eyewitnesses and survivors of the explosion.  

    SAM confirmed that, according to military expert assessment, “It is believed that the explosion was not caused by an air missile or an air strike but rather as a result of an internal act inside the workshop, and the damage caused within the 5 km. radius of the explosion, was resulted from highly explosive materials, probably used to manufacture missile warheads”.  

    SAM noted that the explosion caused trauma among the children in the school and the vicinity, in addition to property damage of more than 200 houses and trade stores, according to authorities’ reports”      

    Tawfeq Al-Humeidi, SAM president co firmed that this report documents the war crimes committed against civilians in Yemen, in violation to the war laws and international conventions, mainly Geneva conventions. “using of civilians for political gains is a war crime and unethical act”, he added. He called the UN commissions, and the Panel of Eminent Experts to investigate human rights violations in Yemen, and publish the findings of such investigations.  

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