The Joint Crime Military Police Prison in Sanaa
  • 29/12/2018
    SAM |

    The Arab Coalition might be Aware of the Existence of Civilian Detainees; SAM Organization Publishes a Report on the Airstrikes on Detainees at the Military Police Prison in Sana’a.

    SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, published today 19th December, a report included investigation on the airstrike of the military police prison in Sana’a. the report “the Joint Crime”, coincides with the first anniversary of the air bombing of the prison.  The report included figures of the casualties documented  by SAM team, and testimonies of the survivors and their relatives of detainees and victims.

    SAM said “the Arab Coalition, might have been aware that the targeted prison accommodated civil detainees, evident by the statement made by released detainees, including by journalist Yousef Aglan, who confirmed that Houthis militia, has informed the transferred prisoners from the central prison to the military  police prison, that the ICRC has been notified with their transfer. “the ICRC delegate visited us after two weeks of our transfer and expressed our concern that AC might target the place, but they confirmed that they’ve reported to the AC with the fact that the site accommodates PoW and detainees and it will be safe”, Aglan continued.        

    SAM confirmed that it has sent letters to the ICRC in Sana’a on 19 April 2017, to verify the information on the ICRC communication with the AC on the military police prison, also to the AC on 28 October 2018, the Joint Incidents Assessment Team, at the AC on 29 October 2018, however it did not receive any response.

    Tawfeq Al-Humeidi, SAM director confirmed that the report documents the crimes committed against civilians, in violation to the war law, and international treaties, including Geneva relevant conventions. “we hope that by doing so, we will contribute reveal the truth, and ensure no impunity for the perpetuators’, he added.

    See the report

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