On their world day... Sam reveals figures showing violations against women in Yemen during the war
  • 08/03/2021
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    In a recent report, SAM organization revealed shocking figures on the extent of the violations, the names of potential prisons for the forced detention and disappearance and torture of women, as well as the names of persons responsible for arbitrary arrests, disappearance and torture of women.

    SAM's report, which is issued in conjunction with International Women's Day, documents violations of the status of women in Yemen during the war years, as well as human rights violations against Yemeni women. The report entitled "Women in Yemen: Prolonged Suffering and Horrific Violations " included testimonies of victims, relatives of victims and eyewitnesses who spoke to SAM about grave violations suffered by women in Yemen during the years of war, especially those in Houthi militia prisons, including police stations and military checkpoints.

    Tawfiq Al Hamidi, President of SAM for Rights and Liberties, said: "On International Women's Day, we wanted in SAM organization to highlight the successes, challenges and violations of women in Yemen, and how this war has left deep scars in the lives of Yemeni women, at the  public or private levels , especially women who were subjected to arbitrary detention, enforced disappearance, and torture in Houthi militia prisons in Sana'a, Amran and Hodeida; The organization is seeking to turn the violations suffered by women in Yemen into a global issue that gets international sympathy and to correct the course of the legal struggle against women in the light of the disastrous consequences of the cursed war. "

    SAM said that its report, had recorded shocking figures on the extent of violations against Yemeni women during the last six years of the war, with more than 4000 violations by the end of 2020, including killings, physical injuries and arbitrary detention, forced disappearance, torture, denial of movement, plus more than 900, 0000 displaced women in the Marib camps, committed by the parties to the conflict in Yemen. The Houthi militia is at the forefront of the violation of women's rights with 70%, followed by forces loyal to legality ( legal government) with 18%, and the Southern Transitional Council with 5%, others with 7%, from the deliberate killing and serious injury of women civilians and activists, amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity. "

    The organization added that the Houthis have formed a security apparatus for women, which is responsible for breaking into houses, arresting and recruiting women, and collecting information on the ground on adversaries.

    SAM confirmed that it had spotted sites for the arrest and hiding of women, including abandoned places used for investigation and psychological torture, homes of citizens whose owners had been forced to leave, and police stations controlled by the Houthi militia. It also documented the names of security figures who contributed to the commission of crimes against Yemeni women in the form of arbitrary detention, forced disappearance and torture.

    In the report, SAM stated that women in detention had been subjected to severe torture and cruel treatment, prompting them to attempt suicide.

    SAM called on the Houthi militia to release all women imprisoned on political grounds, stop placing more women in prison and improve the conditions of women imprisoned while their release procedures are completed.

    The organization stated that the Houthi militia should allow human rights organizations, specialized women and human rights activists to meet with women in prison and to learn about their situation, stop defaming women in detention and delete abusive videos. It also called on the legitimate authorities to amend certain laws that are offensive to women, primarily the articles on so-called "honour crimes," so as to guarantee women their dignity and right to life.

    In concluding the report, SAM indicated its willingness to cooperate with anyone who needs additional information or assistance in accessing witnesses, and called on the commissions of inquiry working on Yemeni issues at various levels and names to investigate violations of Yemeni women because of their gender.

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