Fragile Truce
A human rights report issued by SAM organization monitors the killing and wounding of 74 civilians by Houthi fire since the start of the UN truce in Taiz and the effects of the siege imposed on the ci
  • 28/09/2022
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    SAM Organization for rights and liberties announced that it had monitored 80 cases of human rights violations committed by the Houthi group against civilians in Taiz governorate since the start of the truce under the auspices of the United Nations on April 2, 2022

    The organization said in a new report issued today, Wednesday, September 28, entitled “Fragile Truce

    Report Addressing the Challenges of the Truce in Yemen and Reasons for its Inability to Lift the Siege on Taiz”

    The organization stated that it monitored the killing and wounding of 74 civilians, including children and women, as a result of artillery, drone and sniping operations, in addition to mines and explosive devices planted by the Houthi group in separate areas.

    The report indicated that the monitoring teams of the organization documented the killing of 15 civilians, including 7 children and a woman whereas the number of injuries reached 69 cases, including 28 children and 8 women.

    It also pointed out that most of the casualties were caused by sniping operations carried out by the Houthi militia against civilians in the city of Taiz.

    The report also documented damage to 6 houses as a result of the Houthi group's bombing of residential neighborhoods with mortars and anti-aircraft bullets.

    The report also discussed the repercussions of the siege on the movement of civilians and the family separation

    Full Report in English

    Full Report in Arabic

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