The psychological torture they practice against female prisoners is unimaginable
  • 06/04/2021
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    Fawzia Ahmed Al Mahwiti

    “Fawzia Al Mahwiti,” who served as former prison chief for many years, said that "after the Houthi forces staged a coup against the legitimate government, I remained in my place in a mock way, and all powers were removed from me, as the Houthi forces since the beginning of their arrival prevented everything inside the prison, whether communications, food, health services or even blankets and bedding. The matter reached the blackmail of the detained mothers by depriving them from milk and sanitary pads, in addition to inhumane practices of torture and repeated attacks on detained women by prison leaders.

    "One time, prison guards filmed me giving some mothers milk and sanitary pads, and told the director who had scolded me and threatened me if I approached the women's wards, while telling him that there were children who were very hungry," she says, detailing her testimony. Then I was taken to interrogation in the presence of the director of the Prisons Authority and the Deputy Minister of the Interior, and I was threatened until one of the officials intervened, but they asked me to spy on the prisoners, put me among them and threatened me with my children in school, and accused me of selling drugs and other charges. I stayed in prison for three weeks, after which I was released. Immediately, I submitted my resignation, which was refused until I train some of the female jailers working there. " "I spent two weeks training the workers there, and then I was released, but six days later they sent me military crews without knowing, and a colleague told me that there was a force coming to arrest me. I went to my children's school right away and took them from there and ran away, and since that I haven't returned. "I have heard that I have been accused of smuggling state secrets, participating in bombings and covering up detainees, but I never think about returning after what I saw from torture and persecution."

    • On the day President Saleh died, I had grief in my face. Zinnabites came and made a party, and they brought me makeup, and I refused, and there is a female detainee who refused to celebrate in prison, and quarreled with the Zinnabites, and they called the prison director, who asked me to detain her alone and discipline her, the girl was referred to the investigation after the arrest in an isolation cell, then they called me and asked me the names of the prisoners who refused to celebrate. I said to the Judge, he died and may God have mercy on him. He said, God will not have mercy on him, he tortured us in this world and in the Hereafter, and after two days the prosecutor Sarem Eldin came, and said, “Were you among them? I said I was not there, I left the celebration and I went out, and this girl is named Asmaa al-Jarbi, they kept harassing her and then she died under torture." But they said the girl committed suicide, and they submitted a medical report confirming that, her family is weak and couldn't do anything. In addition to that, they asked me every Friday to take the prisoners to the shrine of Alsayid to receive the blessings, and those who refuse are punished, or I will be punished because I did not force them to come, and the manager yells at me, it is not important to rehabilitate them or develop them, the most important are seminars, chanting the cry, and going out every Friday to the shrine of Alsayid for supplication and prayers, and they must participate in the days of the birth, must prepare the anar as we prepare before two weeks in prisons, and who ever violates this will be punished.
    • The release is made according to affiliation and repeating the cry, imagine, there was a child crying from hunger and he did not have diapers, so I asked Zinnabites to give him milk, but she told the manager and he yelled at me. All this corruption is due to this ill-wishers. Imagine that children are being held in solitary confinement with their mothers, without sun or toys. There was a room for the nursery they closed it and turned it into a residence for them, and any child was prevented from entering the nursery. The Eid clothing that comes to the children they take it for them, and the milk that comes from donors is confiscated, and everyone they doubts him becomes their enemy, even the person who warned me about the second arrest was arrested, and is currently being tried by them. Even when they first released me, the goal was for others to feel safe, and that they were not responsible for my disappearance, and with the testimony of everyone I came out in front of, and their goal was to say later that I disappeared without knowing who carried out the kidnapping.
    • The psychological torture they practice against female prisoners is unimaginable, imagine that hands are tied to the surface, and women prisoners are forced to stand on a can of beans until their feet break. One of them is Asma al-Jarbani, who said that she was mentally insane and used drugs. When her family asked about her, they said your daughter died because she was on drugs, and we don’t know how she uses drugs inside the prison. In addition, everyone is forced to wake up at 3:00 a.m., praises and cheers begin, then preparation for the dawn prayer, then after dawn until 6 o'clock, then a cultural session from 9 until the afternoon, and on Friday is the visit of the shrine, the food is bad rice, they confiscating diapers and milk, hunger and torment. The most important thing is the courses until they get back to religion.

    As for al-Houthi's practices in prison, Fawzia said that "the psychological torture practiced by Houthi members against female prisoners is unimaginable, as she said that the methods of torture varied from handcuffing hands to the surface, forcing women prisoners to stand on a can of beans until they break their feet, in addition to forcing everyone to wake up at 3:00 a.m., and they were forced to attend seminars and religious and cultural lessons specific to The Houthi ideas." She added, "The milk and diapers for the children of female prisoners were confiscated, and they used a hunger policy to pressure the mothers of the children without any regard for their continuous crying for hours."

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