A Massacre Against Displaced People at Al-Fakhoura School in Gaza
  • 18/11/2023
  •  https://samrl.org/l?e5055 
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    Sam Organization for Rights and Liberties expresses its utmost condemnation and outrage at the ongoing Israeli massacres against Palestinian civilians, with the latest being the bombing of a school housing displaced people in northern Gaza.

    According to preliminary information, the Israeli army committed a new massacre against the displaced people in  Al-Fakhoura school in Jabalia, north of Gaza. Initial images showed a large number of bodies of children and women who were present in the school's classrooms and corridors.

    It should be noted that the Israeli army had previously committed a massacre targeting the same school, deliberately bombarding Al-Fakhoura school in Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza.

    Sam Organization emphasizes that targeting displacement sites, especially schools and hospitals, is a systematic war crime that demonstrates the brutality of the Israeli army in deliberately striking civilians with the intention of killing. It also emphasizes that the Western support for Israel, especially the unconditional support from the United States, has given the green light to the army to intensify its unjustifiable crimes and targeting.

    The organization concluded its statement by calling on the International Criminal Court to include the case file of  Al-Fakhoura school in the situation of Palestine, which records dozens of war crimes and crimes against humanity on a daily basis, and urging for concrete steps to ensure the fair trial of those involved in these crimes.

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