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Dangerous Career
  • 08/09/2020
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    Documented the Killing of 61 Media and Human Rights Activists;

    SAM Releases its Report "a Dangerous Career" on Violations against Human Rights Defenders

    SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties released its human rights report "A Dangerous Career" in which it monitored the violations against journalists and human rights defenders in Yemen during the period 2014-2019. The report documented these violations, in addition to stories and testimonies documented by SAM through direct interviews with the victims or their relatives, media outlets and civil society organizations.

    SAM said that it has documented more than 1586 violations against human rights defenders, civil society organizations, media outlets, newspaper reporters, social media activists and agencies.

    Although number of violations in 2019 declined, compared to year 2015, they remain significantly high.

    The violations that SAM documented include murder, physical assault, torture to death, enforced disappearance, arbitrary detention, and prosecutions for opinion, in addition to destroying media institutions and tampering with their contents, looting, or closing them.

    SAM said that the year 2015 was the worst year for the media in Yemen, as it documented 319 violations resulted in the death of 10 people, followed by 2017, when 300 violations were documented including 3 killings, 2016, where 205 violations were recorded, including 10 deaths, and in 2018 SAM  documented 135 violations, and the year 2019 recorded the lowest number of violations with 134 cases.

    According to the report, SAM said that the Houthis militia is at the top of the list of the perpetrators, with 60% of the violations against media workers and civil society, followed by the Arab coalition committed who 25%, and 10% of the violations committed by the Southern Transitional Council, and other parties, including Al Qaeda, are responsible for 5% of the violations.

    the full report here

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