Feudalism of the Receiver and the Deception Machinery
In an investigative report SAM Organization reveals that the Houthi group used the judiciary and the media to cover its seizure of more than two and a half billion dollars from the property of their p
  • 14/02/2022
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    SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties issued a new report revealing the looting carried out by the Houthi group through the use of armed force on the orders of the judicial authorities during the past seven years.

    The report issued by the organization under the title “Feudalism of the Receiver and the Deception Machinery" documented the seizure of more than 1.7 billion dollars by the group's "judicial guard" from the value of money imports, companies, institutions and associations.

    The report also documented that the total value of money and revenues seized from assets, real estate and movables amounted to more than two billion dollars.

    The report collected the names of more than (38) major companies, institutions, universities and hospitals, which were seized by the judicial guard, and/or managed/confiscated/guarded in the capital, Sana’a alone, and these companies and institutions have dozens of branches, centers and units in the governorates under the control of the group.

    The report of the organization indicated that the means and effects of looting of property correspond to the war economy and money laundering as it involves fraud, robbery, extortion, and deliberate violence to control profitable assets, invest the looted money in tradable activities, and exploit the labor force in looted property.

    The report monitored more than (23) leaders of the Houthi group working for the judicial guard and following his orders in looting and managing the companies’ assets it investigated in just the capital, Sana'a. The organization believes that the man has many arms and people who work for him in other governorates, but they are not as visible as his men in Sana'a.

    The report emphasized that what these institutions are exposed to affects the national economy and disrupts public resources such as taxes and zakat, in addition to social benefits of public interest in favor of armed parties that have diverted the revenues for the benefit of their military operations and/or the interests of their leaders.

    The organization explained that this report seeks to refute the misleading information published by the Ansar Allah group before and after the looting of the money of their opponents and to illuminate the truth for those interested that what the de-facto authorities practice falls within the context of looting and has nothing to do with the legitimacy they are trying to confer on their practices through their control and influence on the judicial system.

    The report indicated that the organization had allocated a project for this purpose since October 2021, in which it worked with double effort and communicated with many parties, and found out many facts, pointing out that the report reveals the extent of looting carried out by Ansar Allah, but it does not cover all the practices that were committed during past years.

    The report was based on the testimonies of the victims and their relatives or those associated with them and on the documents and information collected, audio and video recordings, as well as the information published by the group regarding the funds it confiscated or appointed judicial guards for, in addition to the facts and analysis published by research centers and news agencies based on credible information.

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