SAMs Report on the Fall of Sanaa Monitors the Events of 7 Years of the Coup
The Big Collapse
  • 22/09/2021
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    SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties released a report marking the seven-year anniversary of the fall of the capital, Sana’a, to the Houthi group, entitled "The Big Collapse", consisting of 40 pages and fourteen chapters. The report provides an extensive reading of the repercussions of the fall of the capital, Sana’a, on September 21, 2014.

    The report, whose release coincided with the seventh anniversary of the Houthi control of Sana’a, documented many events, situations and figures caused by the Houthi coup, in addition to the crimes committed during that period, various alliances, the emergence of other armed militias, as well as the deviation of the Arab coalition from the goal of its intervention.

    The report clarifies the cooperation and support of former President Saleh with the Houthis in order to seize Sana’a, control state institutions, cause the collapse of the state and reach the current situation.

    The report touched on the state of the coalition that intervened to save and restore legitimacy, its confusion between achieving its interests and the goals for which it came, and its deviation. The report also highlighted the tragedy of Yemeni expatriates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    It also provided a monitoring of the number of dead, wounded, disabled and kidnapped, as well as the violations practiced by the parties to the conflict during the past six years.

    The report highlighted the repercussions caused by the Houthi coup on political freedoms, the confiscation of private property, and the creation of the largest humanitarian and economic crisis in Yemen. It also referred to the role of the international community, the observatory and national and international documentation mechanisms, and the weakness of the accountability mechanism for human rights violators, which was caused by the "Houthis" and their ally “Saleh" and "Iran" behind them. The intervention of the "Arab Coalition" and the ambitions of Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, and the complete alienation of the internationally recognized Yemeni government, increased its impact.

    The report recommended several points to the Yemeni government, the Houthi group, the Arab coalition countries, the international community and the Security Council, stressing them to stop violations, engage in dialogue, stop threatening national sovereignty, work hard to refer Yemen’s file to the International Criminal Court, and increase the pace of humanitarian action in addition to many of the recommendations contained in the report.

    The chairman of SAM Organization for Rights and Liberties, Tawfiq Al-Hamidi, said: The report of the Big Collapse carries an intensive reading of the most prominent events and repercussions of the Houthi militia coup against the Yemeni state and the national consensus, which caused a great collapse of the dream of change or its postponement and left significant and dangerous effects on the people, the most important of which is the absence of the state throughout the war period. In an attempt to present a picture to the follower reader and the follower of the Yemeni issue.

    Full Report here

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